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These Bhajans are easy to follow. You are invited to view the lyrics and sing along with Regina to experience the calmig and joyful energy, you can raise in yourself.

The whole music has been played by Regina S. (vocals, nylon- and 12-string-guitar, quena- a mall south-American flute made from clay and maracas) and was recorded way back in analogue times in the 1990ies by Naran (listen to his music on Naran.bandcamp.com ).


released January 28, 2015

The Pictures on this Website are used under Creative Commons. creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Headerpicture by www.sqfp.info / Source: bit.ly/1v5UZDp

Coverpicture by Susornpol Joe Watanachote / Source bit.ly/1LVCuvX

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Track Name: Om Kali O Mata
Om Kali O Mata
Om Kali O Mata
Durga de namoh namah

Om Kali O Mata
Durga de namoh namah

Shakti Kundalini
Jagade Mata

Shakti Kundalini
Jagade Mata

Om = universal sound
Mata = mother
Kali = divine mother of death and transitoriness, destroyer of the ego and the evil
Durga = name of the divine mother, destroyer of misery
Shakti = female energy of the universe
Kundalini = universal energy
Jagade Mata = mother of the universe
namoh namah = I bow to / surrender to
Track Name: Omkar Guruji
Omkar Guruji
Omkar Guruji omkar
Omkar Guruji omkar

Omkar = sound of the universe
Guruji = adored master
Track Name: Jyoti Jyoti
Jyoti Jyoti
Jyoti Jyoti gohe
Jyoti Jyoti kualual
Jyoti se amare
Madana Gopala

Kiakau he gohe
Kiakau he kualual
Kiakau se amare
Madana Gopala

Jyoti (Sanskrit) = light
The rest of the words belong probably to a North-Indian dialect, such as Pahari or Garhwali.
If someone is able to translate these words, please contact Regina S.
Track Name: He Amba
He Amba
He Amba he Amba he Amba ból
ísvara sata chita ánanda ból
Sámba sadásiva, sámba sadásiva, sámba sadásiva ból
Pálaka préraka sata pati ból
Amba Amba jaya jagadamba

Say “O Mother, O Mother, O Mother”,
Say “Lord, Existence, Awareness, Bliss, Absolute” ,
Say “Eternally, Auspicious One”,
Say “Protector, Inspirer and Lord of all”,
Hail to Mother, the Universal Mother,
Hail to the Mother of the entire Universe!
Track Name: Kaba Sumirega
Kaba Sumirega
Kaba sumirega sham re bande
Kaba sumirega nam
Kaba sumirega sham re bande
Kaba sumirega nam
Dekh kahi yah dhal na jave
Teri jivana sham re bande

When, oh human, will you repeat the name of the Lord?
Attend, that the sunset will not pass by unnoticed, the evening of your life has already begun.
Track Name: Jay Ambe
Jay Ambe
Jay Ambé Jagadámbe
Máta Bhaváni jay Ambé

dúkha vinásini Durga jay jay
kála vinásini Kali jay jay

Úma Ramá Brahmáni jay jay
Rádha Rúkmini Síta jay jay

Hail to the world mother!
Hail to Mother Bhavani (consort of Shiva)!

Hail to the Destroyer of misery, Durga!
Hail to the Destroyer of death, Kali!

Hail to Parvati, Lakshmi and Sarasvati!
Hail to Radha, Rukmini, and Sita!
(names of the Divine Mother in her different aspects)
Track Name: Bansuri
Bansuri bansuri bansuri Shyamaki
Bansuri bansuri bansuri Shyamaki

Oh my Lord, oh my Lord, oh my Lord be with me …….(2x)

Hey Jesus, hey Jesus, hey Jesus set me free ……(2x)

Om Buddha, Om Buddha, Om Buddha Om Buddha……(2x)

Hey Krishna, hey Krishna, hey Krishna, hey Krishna……(2x)

Bansuri = flute; Shyamaki = of Krishna
Shyama = a name of Krishna
Oh Lord, let me be the flute of Krishna, so that your love can flow through me.
Track Name: Chamundaye
Chamundaye Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma
Chamundaye Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma
Oh Goddess Chamunda, oh Mother Kali
(Chamunda, a fearsome aspect of the Divine Mother, is closely associated with Kali. She is the destroyer of demons, while Kali is the destroyer of the ego and the evil and the Mother of death and transitoriness)
Track Name: Amma Taye
Amma Taye
Amma Amma táye
Ákhilandésvari níye
Ánnapurnésvari táye
Om ádi parásakti níye
O Mother, Mother, dear Divine Mother,
Goddess of the Universe,
Giver of food to all creatures,
Thou art the Primal Supreme Power
Track Name: Om Namoh Bhagavate
Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya
There’s a river, a holy river and it flows inside my heart.
And I go to that river, there to wait for my Beloved.
And Krishna comes and plays his flute on the banks of the holy river.
And Krishna comes and plays his flute on the banks of the holy river.
And it flows inside my heart:

Om namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya (2x)
Om namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya (2x)
Om = universal sound
namoh = to surrender to, to bow to, to offer devotion unto
Bhagavan = Lord
Vasudeva = name of Krishna
I surrender to my Lord Krishna